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A lot of fun! I recorded this before the update tho so who knows how this game has changed. I wouldn't mind working in a bar. Probably not this one. Haha

I can't run the Windows version. It stops on the loading screen.


nice work =)

This game is very short but the jump scare, got me good! The screams made my ears bleed a few times, I enjoyed the experience and wished it were longer! This is my playthrough, if you enjoyed it then please leave a like and subscribe, thanks!

An interesting game. With a very scary screamer. Very scared. Here is the video:

Just uploaded this game to my channel. I liked it a lot. I wish it was longer but it was pretty good overall! Thanks creator!

Heres my video if you want to watch!

Prietty spooky there with the chango level. gg

nice game 

nice short game

Good game really scared me!

Good game.


yeah but why?

nice game

I really enjoyed this, although I wasn't happy I had to turn off the music :) I also found myself distracted by the door that wasn't there. Great first game, keep it up.

Its ok for a first game, I've played WAY worse. Maybe have more "events" before going into the alley. Good start tho

you are copying 616 games? :/


if you want to do a game, do it by yourself and not copying the style and ideas from other creators

I had a great time playing!! I was slightly confused the last time when you're supposed to walk back where you came so I stood in the darkness for like 5 minutes LOL but I had tons of fun playing! heres my blind reaction to the game!! this one starts at 8:20!!!

It's cool game only minus is that it's short. 

difficult find way

Very nice and short haha! That scream really took me by surprise xD
Great job, cannot wait to see what you will bring to the table :D
here is my video

This was a good game! you definitely startled me a couple times.

great game those two jumpscares got me

This is a good job for a first game

The looping was interesting with how it worked, though I wish you would of had small details added to the alley as you progressively looped, a little blood splatter and, maybe a trash can that gets knocked over ect.

Honestly it just needed something to make the alley slightly getting creepier/scarier as you continued on.

For sound design Some of the sounds were a little too loud compared to the rest these would be

  • the intro
  • the scream
  • and the end part

tasks for the bar 

I would of liked if you allowed them to be done in any order, except taking out the trash being left for last in a second task list, that way the player is given an illusion of choice at the start.

Since the games main focus is the alley and what happens there I don't think anything else was needed for the bar section.

length of the game

As for the length of the game some may complain it was short, others may complain it was too much looping in the alley, but for me I found the length fine, actually more then fine, short games like this for the first few projects will help you in the long run since you'll get more feedback that might help in the future games you make.

I look Forward to your next horror game.

Lots of people using this monster lately, but it is a creepy one. Nice job for your very first (completed) game, and thanks for sharing it with us!

hi, can you tell me the name of the asset with this creature?

i liked the game, a tip is you don't leave the alley so much when walking, it gets tiring, the pixelated graphics are cool, but they crashed a little :( keep working and it will work

Hi, can I find out the name of the monster asset? 

aint those red cilinders the checkpoints from gta san andreas?

That was the inspiration.

Pretty good game, especially for it being your first! I would recommend some variety as you're walking back and forth, or some more text. The walking became a little too repetitive as I was playing. Otherwise, great atmosphere and that jumpscare really got me! Thanks for sharing.

If you'd like to see my gameplay, you can click this link here!

Comments below clip;

At first I enjoyed playing the game, but then, when I had to walk up and down the alley way too many times, it got boring. There's no indications as to what to do or why. You advertised it as a 5 minute game, it took me nearly 11 minutes to finish it. So, either I did something completely wrong, or you need to adjust something to fine tune this game. No hard feelings, no worries. Just letting you know :o]

This game was creepy. Really good jump scare. Great work! 

nice game


Not bad for a first game. It was fairly typical of a first time indie developer, which isn't a bad thing, just means it didn't really break any boundaries; nor should you if you're a new developer.

A couple things I'd like to see different for future games:
1: The loading intro screen should be a max of 3ish seconds. Lasting 10+ seconds actually made me worried I'd crashed the game somehow and was stuck in a loading loop.
2: I'd have liked to see more stuff focusing on either the alleyway, or the job itself. Maybe the game could focus more on just walking down the alley and experiencing creepy events, or the job and dealing with random spooky stuff there, I feel that combining it just left me feeling a little underwhelmed by both.
3: Please don't do big jumpscare screaming endings. I know it's really easy, and it's a common trap for first-time indie horror devs to do, but it really cheapens the experience. I'd rather have gone down the alley to a dead end, then hear a noise, turn around to see the monster and cut to black as it approaches.

Still, don't be discouraged! You're a first time developer and a lot of this comes with experience. You did have a good atmosphere, the game felt pretty solid overall and I did enjoy what I played.

Thank you for your feedback.

Today I released update for the game and now you can skip the intro.

For the ending I was thinking of making 2 more endings but I realized that it might be waste of time that I can spend on making my new game. However I will try to fix/implement some stuff from your feedback in my next game.

Good game. Keep up the good work


The un-skippable, loud intro/logo that lasted waaay too long was incredibly annoying.  I almost backed out there.  But I thought, surely they wont have loud music blaring that you cant shut off until you complete several tasks...  I was wrong.  I quit the game to come here and type this.  You're likley driving people away from your games with that kind of garbage.  It did for me.

This is an interesting game, though it is a bit lacking in the atmosphere part. Especially after we hear the scream. I would use the looping to slowly set up for the final scare by putting in some small details. (E.x. Items dropped that normally isn't dropped, trash thrown around, the odd blood smear, whimpering from the victim, etc) Other then that, it's a nice game.

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This was a short and cool PSX horror game about the alley behind the bar that the main character is working at. The game was really short and having played quite a few games that involve night shifts, it would be good if there were more scary events happening while doing tasks during the night shift before having the player walk through the "endless" alleys as this would better enhance the horror experience for the player where they would be really stressed and scared already before the real thing comes XD. Would be good if the task took a little longer to complete as well to give more time and opportunities for more events to occur in between.

The mood and atmosphere was definitely well done by the game where the lighting and emptiness of the bar and the alley, really added on to the fear factor of the game. Would be good if the ending was more horrifying than it was, like an immediate scare where the player can see the monster's horrifying face on the computer screen. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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This is what I'm looking for an interesting game. but Good Games😀


good game but a shame this whole page is so unoriginal... almost indistinguishable from another dev on here, it's unfortunate

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